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For Group 2 and Group 2M Locks



Adds Finger Comfort in High Use Dialing Environment!



  • All dial and rings pictured above and listed below can be used with any Group 2 or Group 2M Lock Models.
  • All dial and rings can be mixed to create different color finish combinations.
  • All dials and rings on this page are made from die casted zinc material.
  • Optional Black Plastic Ring. Order R6000
  • The Dial with Ring; sits approximately 1-3/8" [34.9mm] off the door with a 3-3/4" [95.25mm] O.D.
  • All dials on this page incorporate a solid, machined brass spindle with a standard spindle length of approximately 4-1/8" [104.8mm] from the underside of the dial ring. Dials with longer spindles are available as a special order item.
  • All dials on this page incorporate spindles splined to 41 on the dial. This results in a forbidden zone of 90 to 10. Special Order dials with spindles splined to 50 on the dial will result in a forbidden zone of 0 to 20.
  • Finishes, spindle lengths, and spindle splining locations other than those listed can be special ordered.

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