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Commercial Duty
Model CDL-3M & CDL-4M

THE NEW STANDARD in 3-Wheel Group 2M / VdS, Class 2 / EN 1300, Class 2 and 4-wheel Group 2M, Manipulation resistance Mechanical Safe Locks!

Our Commercial Duty Series are designed to outperform any other Group 2M or VdS lock in the most demanding applications and provide a higher level of security at a competitive price!

CDL-3M shown


  1. Underwriters Laboratories Listed Group 2M High Security Mechanical Combination Lock.
  2. Exclusive Soft TouchR Lever Control Trigger System made from durable DuPontT ZYTELR 70G30L for long cycle life and designed to prevent the Lever Nose from Touching/Bouncing on either side of the Drive Cam Drop-in Zone.
  3. Exclusive Brass and RED Aluminum Wheels with Patented DeadLoc Technology® Provide 1,000,000 Theoretical Combinations on 3-wheel lock and 10,000,000 on 4-wheel lock.
  4. Each Individual Wheel Unit includes Two [2] independent Brass Locking Lever Arms with Patented DeadLoc Technology® that provides Unmatched Torque Resistance and Eliminates Combination Wheel Slippage.
  5. Heavier Lock Body Construction than Sargent and Greenleaf® to provide Superior Strength and Durability.
  6. Designed with a Longer Brass Locking Bolt–Standard, allowing more of the Lock Bolt to be maintained inside the Lock Case when the Lock Bolt is in the Locked Position.
  7. Increased Locking Bolt Case Guide Surface Provides a Smoother Operation and Lock Bolt Stability.
  8. Internal Relocker Trigger Secures the Lock Bolt in the event of a Burglar’s Punch Attack.
  9. Exclusive Change Key Cover Boss Accepts a Sargent and Greenleaf® standard 3-wheel or 4-wheel change key and is designed to perfectly maintain the change key alignment during the combination changing procedure.
  10. 4-Way Drive Cam for mounting Right-Hand, Left-Hand, Vertical-Up or Vertical-Down.
  11. Stainless Steel Spline Key.
  12. The Lock Profile Conforms to the Industry’s Universal Footprint for ease of mounting for Retrofits and New Installations alike.
  13. Exclusive Recessed Change key Boss Area on outside of cover allows use of optional Tamper-Plug.
  14. Available in a wide range of Dial and Ring Designs in attractive finishes and functions, and will accept the Sargent and Greenleaf® Standard Dial and Ring Sets.
  15. Mounting Hardware Kit includes; [2] short, [2] medium and [4] long Case Mounting Screws, [2] Dial Ring Mounting Screws, [2] Spline Keys, [1] Change Key and [1] Set of Lock Operating Instructions.


  • Custom Length Brass Locking Bolts
  • Thermal Relocker
  • Change Key Cover Hole Tamper-Plug
  • Variety of Spy-Guard and Front Reading Dial and Ring Designs in attractive finishes and functions.

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