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Commercial Duty
Mosler 302 and 402 Replacement Locks

Big Red® teamed up with the top safe techs in the industry to develop a commercial duty replacement lock for the Mosler 302 and 402 locks which are no longer produced. These replacement kits are designed to retro fit the current Mosler applications in the field.

CDL-3 Mosler-302 Shown


  • Big Red® Mosler 302 and 402 safe lock are UL Group 2 Listed.
  • The Big Red® Mosler replacement locks maintain original UL Safe Listing.
  • Only safe lock with double locking brass wheel levers and inner brass wheels featuring our exclusive patented DeadLoc Technology® to prevent combination number jumping.
  • Heavy duty lock case reinforced for more punch resistance.
  • Brass locking bolts, not Zinc.
  • Lock comes with Flush Bolt installed, drilled and tapped to a depth of .375" [9.5mm] for two 10-32 machine screws.
  • 1/4-28 Brass drive cam, not Zinc.
  • Lock case and lever nickel plated for corrosion resistance in harsh environments and longer cycle life.
  • Endurance tested.
  • Available in both front read and spy-guard dials.
  • Available in 6", 9" and 14" spindle lengths.
  • Optional Spindle Threaded Bushing are available in 7/16" long and 1" long.
  • Dial rings factory modified to mount directly to Mosler safe doors with NO MODIFICATION.
  • Our signature trademarked red anodized aluminum wheels assures you it's a Big Red®.


Kits Include: Lock with flush bolt installed, 2” and 3” locking bolts, extra lever screw, key locking cylinder, key locking dial insert, [2] spline keys, change key, mounting screws and operation instructions.

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