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Can’t get into your safe? Lost your combination?

BIG RED® does not retain the combinations of the safe lock.  These are held by the safe manufacturer. If you have a safe equipped with a BIG RED® lock in your home or business and have lost the combination, first contact the safe manufacturer.  If you do not know the safe manufacturer or are experiencing other problems, contact a local locksmith or certified safe technician for assistance. These can be found in your local yellow pages or the links below.

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Lock Endurance Test Fixture

Torque Tester


You can use the links to the right to search for certified Safe Technicians and locksmiths or other support resources.

Online Resources:

Mounting Instructions:

CDL-3 and CDL-4 Group 2 Mechanical Combination Locks

CDL-3M and CDL-4M Group 2M Mechanical Combination Locks


Lock and Dial/Ring Dimensions:

CDL-3 and CDL-4 Lock Dimensions

CDL-3 and CDL-4 Lock and Dial Ring Mounting Dimensions


Operating Instructions:

CDL-3 and CDL-3M Group 2 & Group 2M Mechanical Combination Locks

CDL-4 and CDL-4M Group 2 & Group 2M Mechanical Combination Locks


Switch Locks:

Holdup and Bolt Switch Operation

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